Baden-Württemberg’s research and innovation policy aims to

  • set priorities and raise the Land’s profile under the mantle of scientific excellence
  • promote cutting-edge research and high quality in the widest possible range of subjects and issues
  • create sufficient autonomy and scope for researchers and teachers as preconditions for scientific creativity by ensuring reliable funding and an appropriate statutory framework.

In addition, the Land’s strategic objectives consist in promoting young scientists and improving their opportunities for independent research, in enhancing the international orientation of both the research sector and scientific personnel, as well as fostering cross-border cooperation and participation in EU programmes.

Other key issues include the expansion of digital research infrastructures, further improvements in knowledge and technology transfer between universities and non-universityresearch institutes, industry and society, a strict focus on quality, performance and competition, plus the creation of a research-friendly, innovation-oriented environment.

Under the new financial pact Perspective 2020, the universities in Baden-Württemberg are to receive an additional 3% of basic funding per year until 2020. Thus, Baden-Württemberg was the first Land to implement the recommendation of the German Council of Science and Humanities.

The universities enjoy substantial autonomy and take responsibility for developing their own profiles. Apart from funding, research-friendly framework conditions notably mean providing assistance in appointing leading scientists from both Germany and abroad as well as support in developing new research priorities.

With its cluster and network strategy, the government facilitates the networking of science, industry and other stakeholders involved in the innovation process, while promoting cooperative research projects.