Free State of Bavaria

In May 2011, the Bavarian government endorsed an overall concept for research, technology and innovation policy, which outlines the framework and strategic objectives for proper governance in these fields as part of the RIS3 strategy.

Bavaria’s research and innovation policy aims to raise social awareness of science and research, create optimal framework conditions for science on the basis of an attractive research and working environment and modern infrastructures, and to undergird companies’ growth and competitiveness by means of targeted technology funding instruments.

Current areas of focus of Bavarian research and technology policy include digitalisation, energy, health, materials and mobility.

These emphases are not just underpinned by investments in research projects and structural measures, but also by comprehensive location strategies, like the interdepartmental future strategy Bayern Digital, with which the Bavarian government is endeavouring to consolidate the Land’s pole position as a key Location for high technology in Europe and establish Bavaria as the home of the digital future.

Bavaria has achieved both national and international renown for its diverse, outstanding research landscape, which is built on the foundation of its higher education sector.

Moreover, by virtue of its universities and scientific institutes, Bavaria offers attractive framework conditions for young researchers. At the same time, the Land’s science system boasts a long tradition of excellent nonuniversity research.

With respect to research and development in industry, Bavaria’s technology-based funding programmes play a vital role. By facilitating innovations, these programmes aim to boost the international competitiveness of the private sector, improve growth potential, safeguard qualified employment and create new job opportunities.