Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

The main objectives and priorities of Hamburg’s current science policy are creating favourable framework conditions for research and innovation.

This includes establishing other non-university research institutes, extending and restructuring research funding, granting additional subsidies to Hamburg‘s two research clusters under the Initiative for Excellence and streamlining the cooperation between the science community and Hamburg-based industry.

A further fundamental goal is to overhaul the universities by calling on external expertise. The Land has commissioned the German Council of Science and Humanities to review the STEM disciplines at Hamburg’s universities. Due to be published in early 2016, the findings will provide important insight for the further development of the universities.

Another focus is the city’s successful participation in the follow-up project to the Initiative for Excellence of the Federal Government and the Länder. To date, Hamburg has been represented in the Initiative for Excellence with two clusters of excellence (physics and climate research) at Universität Hamburg and its cooperation partners. These clusters are to be upgraded with the goal of transferring them to an institutional funding measure of the Federal Government and the Länder.

Other central issues on the agenda are opening up the universities and increasing the permeability of the various education sectors. This includes the systematic utilisation of opportunities arising from making higher education accessible for qualified professionals and supporting individual refugees recently arrived in Germany who are capable of studying for a degree.

In addition, Hamburg aims to carry out the necessary structural modifications to modernise its universities and create a state-of-the-art scientific infrastructure that offers outstanding teaching, learning and research conditions. Moreover, the instruments of the cluster and innovation policy are designed to raise the region’s profile as a technology leader, create future-proof jobs and facilitate sustainable urban development.