With its research and innovation policy, Rhineland-Palatinate adopts a holistic approach between the poles of science and industry throughout the entire innovation process.

Its innovation strategy aims to stimulate the pursuit of knowledge and reinforce the competitiveness of the companies within its territory – with a particular focus on the small and medium-sized enterprises. The idea is to pool the expertise of universities and research institutes with the practical competence of the private sector to expedite the development of marketable solutions.

In developing its science landscape, the Land sets great store by coordinated measures in targeting its emphases and growth cores. For example, it was successful in attracting the best researchers in key areas, in establishing and expanding research infrastructure and in securing its universities’ foothold in the academic arena by supporting their profile development process.

Numerous instruments and funding programmes underpin the cooperation between science and industry, thereby strengthening cutting-edge research, applied research, knowledge and technology transfer, high-tech start-ups, clusters and networks; in turn, these attract more and more young scientists to the region. By implementing adequately financed, long-term initiatives, the Land has joined forces with its universities and non-university research facilities to accelerate developments that raise its profile on both the national and international level, at the same time guaranteeing the scientific institutions a high degree of financial security.

The Land is thus creating optimal framework conditions to attract the élite and remain competitive on the global level.

The Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Strategy (RIS) brings together the strategic approaches taken by the Land in pursuit of its innovation policy, to form one holistic approach.

In terms of smart specialisation, the RIS primarily addresses the areas of potential with the greatest regional competitive advantages and unique selling points.